Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Wear Velvet Slippers: Casual, with or without Socks

Pick a colour or embroidery !
Velvet slippers are a very difficult subject to write about. They are equally difficult 'shoes' write about. As so much of the objects I talk about on this blog, men like it, or they don't like it. Quite a controversal shoe !
Anyway, Belgian Dandy adores velvet slippers ! They can be combined anyway, with whatever kind of pants, with whatever kind of look. Just experiment?

The Ralph Lauren Boys (by Sartorialist) at Pitti Uomo
A double breasted navy blue blazer, distressed jeans and velvet slippers.
Even with a pair of distressed jeans, the velvet slippers give it a somehow dressed look, in combination with the doudble breasted blazer. A kind of 'Euro-chique!. 

Kanye West sporting some Velvet Slippers: well-combined with a suit

Very stylish combination. Dress suit and sockless wear of the velvet slipper.
100 % contemporary dandy !
Scott Disick wearing velvet slippers with socks : the 'dressed' way.
An excellent combination: velver slippers, and a velvet jacket !
Several velvet slippers, and on the right, Mr lapo Elkann, wearing some blue velvet slippers with light coloured pants and jacket. Daring, but not to be miss-understood !

Double breasted vest, jeans, and velvet slippers

Passionate colours by Angelo Galasso: Belgian Dandy loves this pair. 
The above tassle-loving pair is just gorgeous. Angelo Galosso offers this pair of shocking-blue suede tassle slippers in combination with a bright red. Daring ! But what an excellent combination they will make this summer with a white pants !

Back / Heel detail by Del Toro Velvet Slippers
The Del Toro velvet slippers like contrast: The lining is contrasting, but also it is remarkable on the exterior.
Marcus Troy, the famous lifestyle and fashion blogger, shows us exactly the perfect combination wear of red 'jeans' and dark velvet slippers.

Mr. Marcus Troy, the reknowned lifestyle and fashion blogger wears them like this ! Just 2 words; 'la classe' ! Simple, basic, almost natural ! Marcus Troy is a man of great taste.
Bling Bling velvet slippers: Gabanna, what else did you expect !

Bling bling loafers and the distressed jeans..
Black velvet slippers, combined with bright purple pants an flashy yellow jacket. Dare to wear !
looks excenntric, but this combo is oh-so stylish.
They yellow jacket combines so nicely with the purple of the pants, which would be better if more narrow, but the velvet slippers make up for a good deal of it ! Daring, and to most shocking, but we adore this self-expressing style !
Different styles and colours to wear velvet slippers

Wear them whenever you can or will, whenever the weather will let you. Tomorrow might be too late ! And dare to experiment ! Others will wear them in a dull way. Be yourself, express yourself !

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